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Creating a story from a template

Creating a Story template in Inception

Stories of different types (news, sports, fashion and so on) require different components and may need different styling. By setting up a template for each type of story, stories can be created quickly and efficiently.

Example: In its simplest form, you can create a template that contains an Author component showing your photo, name and Web site. This way you don't have to add that information each time you create a new story.

Tip: Story templates are especially effective when making use of Brands: a dedicated environment containing its own users, Stories, Story templates, styling and Publication Channels. For more information, see Setting up Brands in Inception.

Creating a template

Creating a template is done from the Templates page.

Step 1. Click your avatar and choose Templates.

The Templates option in the menu

The Templates page appears.

The Templates page

Step 2. Click New Template, enter a name in the dialog box that appears and click Create.

An empty Story appears containing a Hero component, an Intro component and a Body component.

Step 3. Add the components for the template and optionally add text and images.

Note: For more information about the components that you can use, see Available Story components in Inception.

Tip: Change the order of components by dragging them into a new position.

Using a template

Templates are chosen when creating a new Story.

Choosing a template

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