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Sharing files with others using the Elvis Pro Client

Sharing files with others using the Pro Client of Elvis 5

Sharing files with others is done for many different reasons, including:

  • Approve, reject or comment on files internally by editors or externally by clients and customers
  • Letting a production team use them in an upcoming publication
  • Distributing them to internal or external users for their reference (such as documents, presentations or videos)

You share a file by sending a hyperlink (referred to as a 'Shared Link') to the recipient. This hyperlink gives that recipient access to only those files in Elvis that you share.

Files to share in Elvis

Viewing a Shared Link

Figure: Files in Elvis (top) and when viewing them in a Shared Link (bottom).

Who you can share the files with

The Shared Link can be sent to anyone, including those that do not exist as a user in Elvis. No log-in is required to view the files.

Controlling what users can do with the shared files

You can control whether or not a user can perform the following actions:

  • Preview files
  • Download files
  • Upload new files
  • Approve files

Sharing files and watermarks

Since Elvis 5.13, a watermark can be added to images. This affects file sharing in the following ways:

  • When images show a watermark for the user who shares the files, the option to download the original file cannot be set (this is because that file does not contain the watermark and may therefore not be downloaded).
  • When images do not show a watermark for the user who shares the files, a watermark can optionally be added by setting the 'Watermark' option.

Sharing files versus sharing Collections

You can share individual files or Collections. The benefit of using Collections is that when updating the Collection (for example by adding or removing files), the Shared Link is also updated.

Editing Shared Links

Once the Shared Link has been created, you can at any time update the settings such as the name, description and options. Adding or removing files is only possible by sharing a Collection.


See the process of sharing files is demonstrated in this short video:

Creating the Share Link

Step 1. Select the files or Collection that you want to share and click Share in the menu.

The Share button

Figure: The Share button.

Tip: Other ways of accessing the Share option is to:

  • Right-click the selected files or Collection and choosing Share... from the menu.
  • Access the Pinned Collection panel, open the menu for a Collection and choosing Share... from the menu.

The Share page appears.

An empty Share page

Figure: The Share page before filling in all the details.

Step 2. Set the options as needed:

Note: Depending on your access rights, you may or may not have access to all options. When in doubt, contact your system administrator.

  • Subject. Enter a short subject.
  • Description. (Optional) Enter a description of the files or leave a message for the recipient.
  • Link valid until. Set the date when the link should expire.
  • Download. Select what the users can download or how they can download it:
  • Preview. Download the preview of the file.
  • Original. Download the original file.
  • Upload. (Off by default) Select when you want the user to be able to upload files. You can specify a folder by choosing an existing folder or by creating a new folder.
  • Approve. (Off by default.) Select when you want the user to approve or reject a file and to add a comment to the file.
  • Watermark. (Requires Elvis 5.13 or higher, applies to images only). Add a watermark.
  • Notify by e-mail. (Requires Elvis 5.26 or higher. Only available when Upload and/or Approve are enabled.) Select when you want to inform users by e-mail. For each user, enter their e-mail address. Separate multiple e-mail addresses with a comma.

Step 3. In the bottom right corner of the screen, click Share.

The Share Link is created and presented in a window.

The created Share link

Step 4. Do one of the following:

  • Click the link to open it in a Web browser
  • Right-click the link and choose Copy from the context menu or click the Copy link button

Step 5. Share the link in some way, for example by including it in an e-mail that you send to all users who you want to see the files.

When the link is accessed, a Web page opens showing all files that are shared.

Viewing a Shared Link

Figure: The shared files as the recipients sees them.

Managing Shared Links

Once a Shared Link has been created, you can edit the options of the link, view the link or delete the link.

To see an overview of all Shared Links, click Shared Links in the top right corner next to your avatar.

Managing Shared Files

Figure: Click Shared Links (A) to see an overview of all Shared Links (B).

Tip: To quickly find a Shared Link when many links exist, use the filter on the left.

Document history

  • 13 June 2017: Added information about the 'Notify by e-mail field'.
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