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User experience

You will find that most aspects of the user interface can be adjusted to your taste. The application will remember your last used settings as much as possible. Let's say you need to view more metadata fields than is displayed in the default small set, but still less than the overwhelming 300+ fields. Just press the "Select" button on the metadata panel to customize the metadata list or click the "Metadata" button in your search results. The client will remember your choices for the future so you don't need to reconfigure this every time.

The client will also remember the preferred size of the thumbnails in the search results, whether the sidebars are hidden or visible, the last location you’ve imported files to, etc.

Another part of the user experience is keyboard shortcuts. When doing a lot of repetitive tasks, it's a lot easier to press a combination of keys than to keep browsing through menu structures to select the right function. You can view the shortcuts available in the application menu.

To create a good integration between Elvis and your desktop, we have added the ability to drag-and-drop items in common situations. You can drag-and-drop items from your local system into the import screen, you can drag-and-drop search results in your favorites panel to save the search, or you can drag-and-drop a selection of your results into a collection or to the linked items panel of a file.

Depending on your setup, you may even be able to drag-and-drop items from Elvis directly into other desktop applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.

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