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Inception update - 9 June 2015

Today we have updated Inception and added the following features:

  • Added a prerelease version of the slideshow component
    • To add images to the slideshow drag&drop an image component into the slideshow
    • We are currently working on the re-ordering the slideshow and adding fullscreen support
  • Added a header component
  • Added a crosshead component
  • Upload a story to Adobe Publish
    • Update to latest authentication scheme
  • Export a layout to Inception from InDesign
    • In this phase you are able to export the content of a layout to folder on you hard drive. The folder contains an html file with the extracted content and the images of the page. In the next phase you are able to create a new article in Inception using the extracted content. For more information see "Exporting a Layout to an Inception Story"


Important: Please use the latest version of the style template, see "Customizing the look and feel of an Inception Story"


We are currently working on the following new features:

  • Slide show component which will be based on the jssor slider. Jssor is a touch swipe (touch+drag+move) & Responsive image slider carousel with over 360 slideshow effects, for more information see jssor.com
  • Export a layout to Inception from InDesign 
  • The usability issues of the container component


Known issues:

  • Scroll and rendering issues on iPad
  • Exporting to an unsecure (none https) Enterprise server
  • Removing a component with backspace is not always working
  • None fixed background for header component is not working on ios devices


If you have any questions please use the Inception forum or contact Tom Pijsel (tpi@woodwing.com) 

Best regards,

The Inception Team

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