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How a Cluster is coordinated in Elvis 5 Server

How a cluster is coordinated in Elvis 5 Server

In Elvis DAM, communication between the nodes and maintaining the integrity of the cluster is taken care of by a "Coordinator".

When using a cluster of multiple nodes, this role is assigned to any of the available nodes within the cluster.

Coordinator ready message

Which node is assigned as the Coordinator?

The role of Coordinator is not assigned to a pre-defined node; instead, any node can take on this role. This process is fully automated and requires no configuration.

In practice, the first starting node within the cluster is typically assigned as the Coordinator.

Can the role be assigned to a different node once it is assigned?

No, this is not possible. However, when a node that acts as the Coordinator is shut down, the coordinator role will be automatically passed on to another available node.

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