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Known issues for Elvis 5

Known issues for Elvis 5 Server

This article lists some of the technical issues that are known when working with Elvis 5 Server.

Note that many issues are solved by making sure that the latest version of the software is installed.

Error when trying to activate Elvis 5 Server: 'Required boolean parameter 'useActivatedClusterHardwareId' is not present'

When trying to activate Elvis 5 Server after performing an Elvis 4 upgrade, the following error appears:

Required boolean parameter 'useActivatedClusterHardwareId' is not present

Required boolean paramater error message

Errors are also shown in the console:

Errors in the console

Do one of the following in order to be able to activate Elvis 5 Server:

  • Clear the cache of the Web browser
  • Access the License page in a different Web browser

Missing previews, thumbnails and originals

Info: This affects Elvis Server 5.0.x.

This issue can occur when Elvis Server is unable to locate files on the mounted Volume when the volume is not correctly mounted and a folder is created where the mount should be.

As a result, assets are placed both in the shared volume and a local folder.

This can be caused when Elvis starts up before the mount is completed.

Do the following:

Step 1. Disable the automatic start-up of Elvis Server by deselecting the option in the Elvis Launch panel.

Step 2. Merge the local folder into the mounted share.

Note: All files placed in the local folder are linked to assets indexed in Elvis and can be moved without issues.

Step 3. Remove the local folder.

Step 4. Un-mount and re-mount the shared Volume.

All previews and thumbnails should be available.

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