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Multi-volume storage in Elvis 5 Server


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  • Luis Mejia

    Hello Support,

    Regarding the note under the S3 section:


    Note: Although the use of S3 storage is fully supported, please be aware of possible performance issues such as long upload and download times.


    Is this stating that the use of a "cold"/slower S3 storage option could reduce performance, or that splitting up S3 into multi storage would have an impact on an overall solution?


  • Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Luis,

    This note means S3 storage is slower then other storage from a locally hosted server. Using it for production data you may experience longer waiting times and a storage solution that is faster or closer to the server is advised. For archive purposes S3 is excellent.

    Regarding multi-tier storage, set it up in a way that files do not need to move between storage solutions too often, as moving and copying on the same storage solution will have better performance than when they need to move to a different storage.



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