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Licensing the Elvis Server


Licensing Elvis 5 Server

To activate an Elvis server and the associated user licenses perform the following steps:

Step 1. Install and start the server.

Step 2. Open the following page in your browser:

http://<yourserver>:<port number>/admin

Example: localhost:8080/admin

Note: You can log in using the default admin user with password changemenow, make sure to change the password in the internal user properties.

The page will open in Fallback mode (see below) and will display a warning.

The Elvis admin page in Fallback mode

Step 3. Open the License page by clicking License in the top left corner.

Entering the serial number on the Elvis License page

Step 4. Enter your serial number, name and e-mail address and click OK.

An overview appears of the products that you can activate.

Product overview

Step 5. Select a Server product.

Step 6. Specify the number of licenses to activate for each product.

Note: For Elvis 5.22 and earlier, all available licenses are entered. Make sure to set these to the number of licenses that are actually going to be used.

Important: In case you have a Backup license available, do not activate it; these should only be used for activating a temporary system. A Backup license is only active for 30 days and once deactivated cannot be activated again. For more information, see Using a Backup license in Elvis 5 Server.

Step 7. Click Activate.

If all goes well your activation code is successfully activated.

Activation successful

Step 8. Click OK.

The Activation page reloads and all options in the menu on the left are now available.

Menus available

About Fallback

When a server is not licensed, it will start up in fallback mode. In this mode, only the admin page and activation page are available and only super users configured in internal-users.properties.txt will be able to log in to the admin pages. All other functionality of the server is not available while in fallback mode.

Note: The server can also startup in fallback mode when it fails to properly start for other reasons. When this happens it will be indicated on the admin landing page and error details will be available in the server logs.

Known issues

On Linux after activating the license, the server does not always restart automatically. You may have to restart it manually (keep an eye on the server logs).

License renewals

Elvis Server will try to contact the activation server each month to renew the license(s). This requires an Internet connection (through port 80 or 443).

Note: Elvis Server will attempt to communicate this via https://activation.woodwing.net.


Document history

  • 28 June 2017: Updated section 'License renewals' with the URL used for verifying the license.
  • 30 March 2017: Added a statement about not activating Backup licenses unless required to do so.
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