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Action plugin setting - userInterface

Elvis 5 action plug-ins setting - userInterface

(4) Required setting

Controls where the plug-in's url is opened:

  • in a tab,
  • in a dialog
  • in an external web browser.

Tab - <tab/>

Open the url in a tab.

The URL opened in a tab.

Dialog - <dialog/>

Open the url in a dialog.



Dialog width in pixels.

Optional. Default is 800.


Dialog height in pixels.

Optional. Default is 600.

The URL opened in a dialog.

External browser - <externalBrowser/>

Open the url in the system's default (external) browser.



Defines if the URL is opened in an iframe.

Set to true when the URL is a HTML page, in this case the URL is loaded in an iframe which consumes the complete browser window. The elvisContext is available via JavaScript, via parent.elvisContext.

Set to false, or do not specify when the URL is a server side page (JSP, PHP, ASP, etc). The elvisContext is available as POST variable, formatted in JSON.

Optional. Default is "false".

The URL opened in a browser


Open a tab


Open a dialog with default dimensions


Open a dialog with a custom width and height

    <dialog width="500" height="400"/>

Open an external browser with default settings


Open an external browser and load the URL in an iframe

    <externalBrowser loadInIframe="true"/>
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