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Elvis 5 Java webapp plug-ins

Elvis 5 Java webapp plug-ins

You can serve Java webapps (.war files) on an Elvis server by placing them in subfolders of Config/plugins/active. Both .war files and directories with ./WEB-INF/web.xml files are supported. All directories and files starting with a dash ( - ) are ignored and are not scanned.

The server scans and subsequently deploys webapps on startup and every time the plug-ins are reloaded from the desktop client. The webapps are registered with the Jetty webserver that is embedded in the Elvis server.

Webapps are available under the <serverUrl>/plugins/path_below_active_plugins context path. For example:

  • Config/plugins/active/someplugin/mywebapp.war is hosted at http://example.com/plugins/someplugin/mywebapp
  • Config/plugins/active/anotherplugin/folder/webapp-dir/WEB-INF/web.xml is hosted at: http://example.com/plugins/anotherplugin/folder/webapp-dir

Some init parameters are passed to the webapp:

elvisServerVersion The version of the Elvis Server.
elvisContextPath The context path where the Elvis Server runs, usually root: "".
elvisPluginContextPath The context path of this plug-in. /plugins/someplugin/mywebapp in the example above.
elvisPluginLocation The location of the plug-in webapp on disk.

These can be accessed from JSP files:

<a href="${initParam.elvisContextPath}/install">Open client install page</a> 

Or from the ServletContext:

ServletContext application = config.getServletContext();
File file = new File(application.getInitParameter("elvisPluginLocation"), "my-plugin-config.txt");
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