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Custom metadata templates in Elvis 5


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  • Rogier Lommers

    Maybe add an example of a decimal field.

  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Hi Rogier,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Examples for decimal, number and datetime have now been added.

    Best regards,

    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software

  • Siebrand Mazeland

    I'm looking for a definition of "editable=false" or "editable=true", but I cannot find it anywhere. Could someone please define it, or point me to a definition? I think editable=false may mean that some processes can edit the field, but not interactive users, but I'd like to be certain and know exactly what the limitations and possibilities are.

  • Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Siebrand,

    The editable=false prevents assigning edit permission on a metadata field to user accounts. On top of that they are explicitly blocked in the UI from being editable.

    However users with ROLE_SUPERUSER assigned (admins) are able to edit these fields through the API.


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