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Elvis 4 Drive - known issues and limitations

Elvis DAM Drive - known issues and limitations

Note: With the discontinuation of support for Adobe Drive, the Elvis Drive has been made obsolete.

General guidelines for usage of Adobe Drive

It’s required to have a stable and fast network. When running into network errors, Adobe Drive will fail silently and will appear to function properly while in reality it no longer does. For the average user it appears as if files are lost. Restarting Adobe Drive fixes the problem.

Avoid browsing folders in Finder or Explorer, because it is slow. Instead use the Elvis desktop application to browse. To place files through drag and drop also use the Elvis desktop application. Check files in from Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, not from the Finder or Explorer.

Do not add files to the Elvis system through Adobe Drive. Instead, use the Elvis desktop application to import files.

When you do need to use browsing through the Finder or Explorer, limit the number of files per folder to 100. Our tests have shown dramatic decrease of responsiveness of Finder and Explorer with higher numbers of files. The number may vary slightly depending on the client machine hardware in use. The same restriction applies to the number of folders within a folder.

Due to the architecture of Adobe Drive, downloading files (opening, checking out) in Adobe Drive will be significantly slower than downloading through the Elvis desktop application.


  • In Adobe Drive 4 and higher you can specify a custom ElvisDrive name, leave this empty on Mac OS X
  • Elvis Drive does not work with non-verified SSL certificates
  • Version numbers displayed by the Elvis Drive are not correct. They may jump from version 1 to 3 or from 4 to 6, for example. This is the result of a temporary workaround for a bug in Adobe Drive.
  • Listing more than 5000 files in a single folder may result in a corrupt Adobe Drive database.
  • Adding files to Drive containing illegal characters (like: / \ | " < > ? @ � ) is not handled correctly.

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

  • After you've saved a new file to the Elvis Drive, a message pops up that the file has changed and that it needs to be reloaded.

This is expected behavior because the Elvis server will embed a unique ElvisID into the file to track it. In some cases, Photoshop may not refresh properly and you may have to re-open the file.

  • Sometimes the check in option is not available (greyed out), this happens when you go to the menu very quickly after making a modification. Close the menu and wait a second or two and the items will be available.


  • At the moment it is not possible to edit metadata.
  • When files are moved "to the trash", they are deleted permanently since the Bridge project trash is currently not supported by the Elvis server.

Finder and Explorer

  • New files saved on the Drive are not automatically checked in.

This is standard behavior of Adobe Drive when accessed directly through Windows Explorer or Mac OS X Finder. The files are only saved to the local Adobe Drive cache and are not available on the Elvis server until you check in the files manually. It is possible to check in a complete folder at once.

Applications like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge automatically perform a check in when you save a file on an Adobe Drive.

  • There's no visual recognition that a folder contains files that are new, checked out by the user or by an another user nor that it's modified.
  • Adding a lot of new files is not fast, use the Elvis desktop app or server import methods like the bulk import or folder import instead.
  • Not all user feedback when checking permissions is handled nicely.

For example when you delete a file and you do not have permission to do so, an Mac OS X dialog pops up asking for your system password to try and 'unlock' the file. This is useless since it doesn't authenticate against Elvis, resulting in a permission denied error after you've provided your credentials.

  • File and folder color labels are not yet supported.

CC 2014

There is no Adobe Drive version available for CC 2014 yet. Adobe Drive CC version does not seem to work on Windows in combination with CC 2014 products.

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

There have been cases reported where Adobe Drive and the Elvis Drive connector do not seem to work in combination with Mac OS X 10.10.

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