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File history and versioning in Elvis 5

File history and versioning in Elvis 5

The history tab shows the complete usage history of a file in Elvis, including versions. Elvis creates new versions whenever a file is checked in, either through the desktop client or with the InDesign client or updated through the API.

By adjusting the slider above the history list you can control how much of the history is visible to you, from just versions up to the complete list of recorded actions. By default only the last 50 items of the history are available, but you can uncheck the checkbox and get the entire history.

The File History tab

The history tab is visible to everyone, but you need certain permissions to be able to manage the versions. The following actions can be done on versions:

  • Save as new - saves the version as a completely new asset
  • Promote version - promotes an older version to the current version, without removing the history in between
  • Delete version - completely removes the selected version

You can compare versions by selecting multiple versions in the version list.

Comparing files in the History tab

Elvis records the following actions in the history:

  • Create
  • Create variation
  • Copy
  • Save as new (or copy version)
  • Check in
  • Check out
  • Undo check out
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Metadata update
  • Download
  • Remove (not visible in the history tab)
  • Drag 'n drop to desktop
  • E-mail
  • Export to Enterprise
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