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Organizing content in Elvis 5 by using Permissions

Organizing content in Elvis 5 by using Permissions

Elvis is designed to be intuitive and unrestrictive, but with the possibility to restrict access to content and functionality to users and user groups. When setting up a security rule structure with permissions you have to find the right mix between open and restrictive.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Do you want to restrict users or give them a lot of responsibility?
  • Do you want users to manage their own workflow?
  • Do you want users to be able to collaborate?

Prevent complexity, keep the system logical for users.

Organization culture Flexible Rigid Controlled
User responsibility High Low Medium
User involvement High Low High
User management Simple Complex Simple

Keep the rules & permissions structure as simple as possible, so the system can grow and adapt along with the growth and changes in your organization. This will also keep it easy to manage and administrate. A simple setup is also good for performance.

Tip: In combination with Perspectives you can also control not just what users can access, but also how they can view the content.

Permissions on content are build up from:

  • Capabilities: functionality a user is allowed to use
  • Rules : folder an/or metadata based queries to grant permissions
  • Metadata fields: view and/or edit permission for metadata fields

Tip: In combination with Capabilities you can restrict or grant access to content and functionality to very distinct levels.

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