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Elvis 5 REST API - samples


Elvis 5 REST API - samples

A number of HTML samples that demonstrate various ways to make use of the Elvis JavaScript library are available on GitHub.

The samples can be installed on your own Elvis server in the same way as plug-ins if you want to demonstrate them with your own content.

We encourage you to download the samples and customize them. They can provide a good starting point to build your own interfaces and apps on top of Elvis.

All the samples are open-source and licensed under the MIT license so you can use the code in your own projects and change it as much as you need.

How to contribute

We encourage everyone to share and contribute improvements or new samples with the Elvis community.

If you have experience with Git and GitHub it is very easy to make contributions. You can fork the code, make your changes and then send us a pull request so we can incorporate your improvements.

If you don't have experience with Git, you can just email patches or zip files to us and we will include them in the samples.

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    Samuli Jokipaltio

    demo.elvisdam.com now directs to WoodWing website. 

    I'd be very happy if you could restore the live demo site. 

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    Frits van Dee

    Dear Samuli,

    Unfortunately the demo environment on demo.elvisdam.com has been discontinued. Parts of the Elvis functionality can be shown by a partner or tried by a prospect using an Elvis cloud tenant. functionality that is only available on a On-Premise can only be demo'ed using a demo environment setup by a partner. A trial license can be requested with WoodWing Sales if it is needed to setup a trial environment at a prospect.

    Edited by Frits van Dee
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