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Elvis 5 REST API - create


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  • Jimmy Bway

    Hi can i have a full example using spring resttemplate ? or apache httpclient ?

  • Ankita Nalawade225

    could you please explain more on upload file on Elvis from FTP using form or using API or from local

    I have tried all,but its not working.


  • Erik Korver

    Hi Ankita,

    Please have a look at this article describing the scheduled FTP plugin to have Elvis Import from an FTP server:

  • Scott Griswold

    Would it be possible to get an example of what the "Filedata" part of the URL would look like?

    We have been making 0kb placeholders to attach images to after populating the metadata fields. Instead, we would like to place a specific file as the placeholder. Where would this file need to be in order to target it with the URL?

    Thank you,

    Scott Griswold

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Scott,

    Creating placeholders can indeed be done with just parameters in the URL. For uploading an actual file, that won't work. The "Filedata" can not be used as part of the URL in a GET request. It can only be sent as part of the POST body by doing a multipart/form-data POST.

    You can see an example on how to use it from a browser here:

    For technical details on how that works on HTTP level, see:


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