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Introduction to the Elvis 5 API

Introduction to the Elvis 5 API

One of the most versatile ways to customize and integrate your own applications with Elvis is by using the Elvis API. It comes in 2 flavors:

  2. A SOAP Web service


The REST API is targeted at building custom Web applications, mobile apps, and HTML interfaces that use or display assets from Elvis. It is designed to be easy to use from AJAX and JavaScript. A range of open-source samples is available to get you started, including a JavaScript library.

Apart from HTML interfaces, the API is also very suitable for use in mobile apps for various platforms such as the iPhone, iPad and Android. It is also easy to use in Flash, Flex and AIR applications.

All the previews provided by Elvis are based on Web standards and can be used in Web browsers or on any Web-enabled mobile device.

We advise to use the REST API in all cases. It provides more functionality compared to the SOAP API and because of its lighter JSON format, it is much faster.


The SOAP API in Elvis offers less functionality than the REST API and is also less easy to use. We advise to use the REST API instead.

Note: Apart from bug fixes, the Elvis SOAP Web Service is not being developed anymore; any new functionality is only added to the REST API. The SOAP API remains available to allow existing third-party applications or integrations to stay compatible with newer versions of Elvis Server.

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