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Changing the Elvis 5 Server configuration for a running cluster

Changing the Elvis 5 Server configuration for a running cluster

During the installation of Elvis 5 Server, basic configuration settings were made. Once the cluster is up and running, additional properties can be configured to further unlock functionality and features. As was the case during the installation, configuration can be done for each specific node and for the cluster itself.

This article describes how to do both.

To restart or not to restart Elvis Server?

A common question that is asked is whether or not Elvis Server should be restarted after making changes to the configuration files.

The answer to this question can be found in the comments for each setting in the configuration files. Look for the following statements:


"requiresRestart" : false

"requiresRestart" : true

Changing the properties for a specific node

Step 1. Open the following file on one of the nodes in the cluster:

Elvis Server/Config/node-config.properties.txt

Step 2. Change any of the properties as explained in the comments of the file.

Step 3. Save and close the file.

Step 4. Restart Elvis Server when needed.

Changing the properties for the cluster

During the installation of Elvis 5 Server the cluster properties were configured by manually modifying the cluster-config.properties.txt file.

Once the cluster is up and running though, changing the cluster properties should be done through the Elvis Config Properties page on one of the nodes. After saving the changes, Elvis will automatically distribute the changes across all other nodes.

Important: Modifying the cluster-config.properties.txt file on a node in a running cluster by manually opening it from the Elvis Server/Config folder should not be done; this can result in nodes with different cluster properties which can lead to unpredictable behavior.

The Config Properties page

Looking up the available properties

An overview of the available properties, their description and whether or not changing them requires a cluster restart can be found by clicking List config properties at the top of the page under 'Config properties'.

Checking the currently set properties

To see the properties that are currently set for the cluster, click any of the links in the 'Choose a file' section. This will open that particular file for editing.

The cluster config page

Figure: The content of the cluster-config.properties.txt file, showing the properties set for that file for the whole cluster.

Editing a property

Editing a property can be done in 2 ways:

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