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Inception update - 13 April 2015

Dear Inception user,
Today we have updated Inception and added the following features:
  • Support for inline and header images
  • Components can now be added using the plus button in the editor
  • Removal of components
  • Export text marked as bold and /or italic text to Enterprise 
  • Moved the export to Enterprise from the story list to the editor
Known issues:
  • Scroll and rendering issues on iPad 
  • Exporting to an unsecure (none https) Enterprise server
  • Removing a component with backspace is not always working
  • The text of header and inline components is not exported to Enterprise
  • Images are not exported to Enterprise 
If you have any questions please use the Inception forum or contact Tom Pijsel (tpi@woodwing.com)
Best regards,
The Inception Team


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