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Using the Smart Connection panel in InDesign or InCopy

Using the Smart Connection panel in InDesign or InCopy

When using Smart Connection in InDesign or InCopy, the Smart Connection panel is your main link to the files that are stored in the Enterprise database and will therefore be the panel that you will use most often. Through this panel, you can search for files that are stored in the Enterprise system and subsequently manage them in many ways: open layouts or articles, places files on the layout, route files to other users, and much more.

This article describes how to work with the panel in the following ways:

The Smart Connection panel

Figure: The Smart Connection panel.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014

Accessing the panel

Choose View > Smart Connection > Smart Connection.

Tasks that can be performed

You use the Smart Connection panel to:

  • Search for files by using the tools in the Search pane
  • Open, place and/or manage files from the Document pane
  • Preview files in the Preview pane
  • Create new Smart Connection panels or remove them
  • Change the panel settings from the panel menu

Smart Connection panel components

Figure: The components of the Smart Connection panel: the Search pane (A), the Document pane (B), the Preview pane (C), the Status bar (D) and the panel menu (C).

Icons and other notification changes

Working on a publication is team work. While you work on a layout or article, other users are working on other files at the same time.

When working with defined deadlines, you also need to know how much time you have left to finish you work.

The Smart Connection panel informs you about this in the following ways:

Customizing the panel

You can control the way information is displayed in the panel in various ways.

Updating the panel

The content of the panel can be updated manually or automatically:

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