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Login failed error when trying to log in to Enterprise Server from Smart Connection

Login failed error when trying to log in to Enterprise Server from Smart Connection

When trying to log in to Enterprise Server using Smart Connection, the following error appears:

Login failed.

A communication error occurred (HTTP:0) - SSL certificate problem:

self signed certificate in certificate chain (60)

The SSL error


This can occur when the required SSL certificate is not present and/or the WWSettings.xml file is not configured properly.


Step 1. Install the SSL certificate into the Root Certificates on the local system.

Step 2. Export the certificate as a .perm file to a location that is accessible by Smart Connection.

Example (Mac OS): <user account>/Library/Application Support/WoodWing/

Note: On Mac OS, use Keychain Access to export the certificate.

Step 3. Access the WWSettings.xml file.

Step 4. Locate the following line and un-comment it:

<SCEnt:SSL enable="true" cacertPath="certificate_path"/>

Step 5. Replace certificate_path by the path to the certificate.

Example (Mac OS):<SCEnt:SSL enable="true" cacertPath="/Library/Application Support/WoodWing/Cert123.pem"/>

Note: Make sure that the correct quotation marks are used, as shown in the example above.

Step 6. Save the WWSettings.xml file.

Important: Make sure to validate the WWSettings.xml file for correct content. See Validating the WWSettings.xml file.

Step 7. Restart Smart Connection and try to log in to Enterprise Server again.

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