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Keyboard shortcuts for Smart Connection for InCopy

Keyboard shortcuts for Smart Connection for InCopy

Smart Connection adds an additional set of keyboard shortcuts to InCopy. These shortcuts are listed as 'WoodWing' in the Product Area list of the Keyboard Shortcut dialog box.

The WoodWing option in the Product Area list

Figure: The keyboard shortcuts for Smart Connection can be found by choosing 'WoodWing' in the Product Area list (A).

Creating a new keyboard shortcut set

InCopy is shipped with many default keyboard shortcut sets, but none of these can be modified. You first have to create a new set:

Step 1. Click the New Set button... .

Step 2. Enter a descriptive name and click OK.

Step 3. From the Product Area list, choose the area that contains the keyboard shortcut that you want to modify.

For example: Choose 'WoodWing' to modify the keyboard shortcuts for Smart Connection.

Step 4. From the Commands list, choose the command that you want to modify.

Step 5. In the New Shortcut box, press the keys for your new keyboard shortcut.

Step 6. (Optional) In the Context list, select the context in which you want the keyboard shortcut to function.

Step 7. Click Assign.

Note: For more detailed information about how to work with keyboard shortcuts in InCopy, see the InCopy Help: Use keyboard shortcut sets.

Overview of the WoodWing keyboard shortcuts

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014
Short Cut Description
Abort Check Out Closes the article and brings it back to the state it was last saved in.
Add Caption and Credit (Smart Image) Adds a caption and credit frame.
Add Current Document to Dossier Adds the currently viewed article to the selected Dossier.
Change Password... Opens the Change Password dialog box for changing your password.
Check In All Articles Checks in all checked-out articles.
Check In Article... Opens the Check In dialog box for checking in an article.
Check Out Article Checks -out a selected article.
Close All for Offline Usage Closes all articles for offline usage.
Convert All Smart Jump Variables to Text Converts all Jump Variables to regular text.
Convert Smart Jump Variable to Text Converts a selected Smart Jump Variable to regular text.
Copy To... Opens the Copy To dialog box for copying a file to a different location.
Create Dossier... Opens the Create Dossier dialog box for adding selected files to a new Dossier.
Detach Caption (Smart Image) Detaches the caption frame.
Detach Caption and Credit (Smart Image) Detaches the caption frame and credit frame.
Dim Noneditable Objects (Layout view) Dims all objects on the layout that cannot be edited.
Hide Preview Hides the Preview pane of the Smart Connection panel.
Hide Sticky Notes (Layout View) Hides Sticky Notes.
Log In... Opens the Log In dialog box for logging in to Enterprise.
Log Out Logs you out of the Enterprise system.
Move to Trash Can Moves the selected file(s) from to the Trash Can.
New Smart Connection Panel Creates a new Smart Connection panel.
Open Opens the article or article template selected in the Smart Connection panel.
Open Read-Only Opens an article in read-only mode.
Open Without Design Opens an article without the layout geometry information.
Place Places the image selected in the Smart Connection panel on the layout.
Preferences... Opens the InCopy preferences.
Properties... Opens the Properties dialog box for the selected file in the Smart Connection panel.
Reflow Smart Jump Article Reflows the text in the text frames that are part of the selected Smart Jump article.
Refresh Refreshes the content of the Smart Connection panel.
Remove from Dossier Removes the selected file(s) from a Dossier.
Rename Smart Connection Panel Renames the Smart Connection panel.
Reset Default view Resets the Smart Connection panel to its default state.
Save All Articles... Saves all checked-out articles locally.
Save Article Version... Opens the Save Version dialog box for saving a version of the article or article template.
Send Article To Next Automatically sets the selected file(s) to the next status in the workflow.
Send Message... Opens the Send Message dialog box for sending a message to InDesign users.
Send To... Opens the Send To dialog box for manually selecting the workflow status of a file.
Show Dossiers Shows all Dossiers that the selected file is part of.
Show Hierarchically Shows all files in the Smart Connection panel in hierarchical view.
Show Sticky Notes (Layout view) Displays all Sticky Notes that have been placed on the layout.
Show Versions... Opens the Show Versions dialog box for restoring an older version of a file.
Show as List Displays all files in the Smart Connection panel in List view.
Show as Thumbnails Displays all files in the Smart Connection panel in Thumbnail view.
Smart Connection... Opens the Smart Connection preferences.
Smart Image... Opens the Smart Image preferences.
Update All Content Updates all content, such as all placed articles on a layout.
Update Caption (Smart Image) Updates the content of the caption frame.
Update Caption and Credit (Smart Image) Updates the content of the caption frame and credit frame.
Update Geometry Updates the article with the latest available layout geometry information.
Update Multi-placed Component Updates the content of an article component that is placed multiple times, such a component shown on the layout in Layout View.
Update Multi-placed Components Updates the content of all article components that are placed multiple times, such as those shown on the layout in Layout View.
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