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Sharing Smart Connection Element Labels across users

Sharing Smart Connection Element Labels across users

When an Element Label is created, its settings are stored in a configuration file on the system on which InDesign is installed.

This file can be shared with other users so that each member of the team make use of the same list of Element Labels and to prevent users from having to manually create the list themselves.

Step 1. Copy the file that contains the configured Element Labels:

< InDesign application folder>/Plug-Ins/WoodWing/ElementTags.xml

Note: This file only exists if a change is made to the default Element Label configuration. This can be done through the Element Label preferences which is part of the InDesign Preferences. (The file is also created by accessing the Element Label preferences and clicking OK without making a change.)

Step 2. Paste the file in the same location on the systems on which the file need to be shared.

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