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Configuring Smart Image

Configuring Smart Image

Smart Image is a Smart Connection feature for InDesign and InCopy, used for the automatic placement of caption and credit text frames.

The Smart Image functionality is disabled by default. If this feature is to be used, the functionality needs to be enabled and additional configuration steps are required.

Enabling Smart Image

Step 1. Open the InDesign preferences for Smart Image:

  • Mac OS: InDesign > Preferences > Smart Image...
  • Window: Edit > Preferences > Smart Image...

Step 2. Select the check box for at least one of the following options:

  • Place Caption
  • Place Credit

Step 3. Click OK.

Configuring Enterprise Server

The metadata used for populating the credit and caption frames is derived from 2 Enterprise metadata properties:

  1. Credit. Credit information.
  2. Description. Caption information.

In order for the users to add or edit this information, these 2 properties need to be added to the workflow dialog boxes for images (such as the Create Image and Property dialog boxes).

For information about adding metadata properties, see Adding a property to a dialog box in Enterprise 9.

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