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Detaching a placed article in Smart Connection 9 for InDesign

Detaching a placed article in Smart Connection 9 for InDesign

By detaching a placed article, you break the link that exists between the frames on the layout and the file that is stored in Enterprise.

This means that:

  • The content of the frames can be edited without first having to check-out the article
  • When the content of the article in Enterprise changes, the content in the frames on the layout does not change

Use this method when you want to continue working on the article but don't want the file in Enterprise to be affected by these changes.

It is possible to detach the full article or to detach selected article components.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014

Step 1. (Optional, only for Smart Connection versions that are older than version Check-out the article.

Step 2. Select the article or one of its components by:

  • Selecting one of the frames of the article on the layout
  • Selecting the article or article component(s) in the Elements panel

Step 3. Use one of the following methods:

A message appears:

Are you sure you want to detach the article?

The message to confirm that an article can be detached.

Step 4. Click Yes.


When trying to detach an article component, the Detach Component command is not available (grayed out) or dragging it in the Elements panel is not possible

This happens when the component that you are trying to detach is the only component of the article. Articles need to consist of at least one component so detaching the component of a single-component article is not allowed.

Detaching all placed articles in one action

For quickly detaching all placed articles from a layout in one single action, use the following script that we have provided: detach-all-placed-articles.zip.

Note: For information about how to install a script for InDesign, see InDesign Secrets: How to install scripts in InDesign.

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