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The Digital Publishing Tools panel of Smart Connection is shown with no content

The Digital Publishing Tools panel of Smart Connection is shown with no content

When opening a Digital Publishing Tools panel (such as the Slide Show panel or Widget pane), the panel is either shown completely blank or without any content.

In order for the panel and its content to display properly, the following is required:

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • The crossdomain.xml file for Smart Connection
  • A correct setup of the layouts and the files which are to be placed on it
  • Sufficient Internet access for InDesign

Depending on the scenario, use one of the following solutions:

IMPORTANT: Please also see the following issue that was reported on 14 June 2015: Severe issue with DPS panels in Smart Connection as no content is shown.

Scenario A: the whole panel is displayed empty

Solution 1: Adobe Flash Player installation

Make sure that Adobe Flash Player is installed. Use the following link: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/.

Solution 2: Smart Connection installation

Make sure that the panels have been installed properly. Run the Smart Connection installer to reinstall them.

Solution 3: Remove corrupted local Flash cache files

Mac OS: Remove the following files from: Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences:

  • Com.adobe.InDesign.7.0.5.plist
  • Com.adobe.InDesign.7.0.plist
  • Adobe_00080000_tsf.data

Windows: remove all files from the following folder:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\%user profile%\Programdata\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache\

Solution 4: Have Adobe Flash Player trust all files from all locations

Step 1. In a Web browser enter the following URL: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager04.html

Step 2. Select the Global Security Settings tab (3rd from the left).

Step 3. Click Edit Locations > Add location.

Step 4. Enter the path of the full drive:

  • Mac OS: /
  • Windows: C:\

The Flash Player Settings Manager

Step 5. Click Confirm.

Step 6. Select the added location in the list.

Step 7. Click the option Always Allow.

Step 8. Check if the panel in InDesign now displays properly (restarting InDesign should not be necessary).

Scenario B: the panel itself is displayed properly, but no content is shown

Solution 1. Make sure that the currently opened layout and the objects which you expect to see in the panel are all part of the same Dossier.

Solution 2. Make sure that InDesign has sufficient Internet access and that it is not blocked by anti-virus software, firewall applications, or similar programs.

Note: When making use of Little Snitch, grant InDesign access to fpdownlload.adobe.com.

Solution 3. Make sure that the crossdomain.xml file is installed properly.

Solution 4. Make sure that the correct access rights have been to applied to the crossdomain.xml file by ensuring that the Web Server user ("nobody" in XAMPP) has full access to the file.

Solution 5. When the URL to Enterprise Server is a link starting with "https", make sure that the crossdomain.xml file is updated properly.

Reference Materials

Smart Connection documentation

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