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Transferring a Smart Connection activation

Transferring a Smart Connection activation

When the Smart Connection plug-ins are activated in InDesign or InCopy on one system and you want to use Smart Connection on another system, the activation needs to be transferred.

By just transferring the activation, Smart Connection itself can be left installed. When it is needed again, it only has to be activated again.

The process of transferring an activation involves deactivating Smart Connection on one system and subsequently activating it on another system by using the WoodWing serial number.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014

Deactivating Smart Connection

Step 1. Display the About WoodWing Plug-ins dialog box by doing one of the following:

  • Mac OS: Choose InDesign > About WoodWing Plug-ins or InCopy > About WoodWing Plug-ins
  • Windows: Choose Help > About WoodWing Plug-ins

The About WoodWing Plug-ins screen appears.

Step 2. Click More info. A list of all installed WoodWing plug-ins appears.

Step 3. Choose Smart Connection.

Step 4. Click Transfer Activation. A screen appears informing you that the serial number must be validated over the Internet.

Step 5. Click Next. The proxy server screen appears.

Step 6. (Optional) In case you are using a proxy server, you must specify its settings before connecting. Select the option Use a HTTP Proxy Server and type your proxy information in the specified boxes.

Step 7. Click Next. Smart Connection is deactivated.

Step 8. Click Finish.

Step 9. Activate the installed version of Smart Connection on the other system. For details see Activating Smart Connection.

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