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Access Rights for Smart Connection for InDesign

Access Rights for Smart Connection for InDesign

Access Rights are individual rules that together form an Access Profile. Through these rules, you are given or denied access to certain features of Smart Connection and InDesign.

Example: You may be allowed to restore a version of a layout, be denied the rights to create Dossiers, and so on.

Access Profiles are managed by the system administrator in Enterprise Server.

The sections below provide an overview of the features that can be controlled for Smart Connection for InDesign.

Info: The information presented here applies to the following versions of Smart Connection:

  • Smart Connection 9
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC
  • Smart Connection for Adobe CC 2014

File Access

Access right name Description
Listed in Search Results Allows to view/find files in the search results of the Document pane.
Read Allows to open a file.
Open for Edit Allows to open files for editing.
Write Allows to create or save files.
Delete Allows to Allows to move files to the Trash Can.
Change Status Forward Allows to send a file to the next status in the workflow.
Change Status Allows to change the status of the file to the next or previous status in the workflow.
Restore Version Allows to restore a file to a previous version.
Take Offline Allows to take a layout or Layout Module offline.

Note: The Listed in Search Results and Read access rights can be confusing at first. Normally you have Listed in Search Results and Read access rights if you are allowed to open a file for reading. When only Listed in Search Results is set, you are allowed to see files and their status without having the ability to open those files for reading.

Text styles

Access right name Description
Apply Paragraph Styles Allows to apply paragraph styles.
Edit Paragraph Styles Allows to create, duplicate, delete, and edit paragraph styles as well as use the Load Paragraph Styles, Load All Styles, and Break Link to Style options.
Apply Character Styles Allows to apply character styles.
Edit Character Styles Allows you to create, duplicate, delete, and edit character styles as well as use the Load Character Styles, Load All Styles, and Break Link to Style options.


Access right name Description
Apply Paragraph Formatting Allows to use the features of the Paragraph panel.
Select Font Family Allows to change the font family.
Set Font Style Allows to apply font styles such as bold, italic, and so on.
Set Basic Formats Allows to apply underline, strikethrough, all caps, small caps, superscript, or subscript.
Set Advanced Formats Allows to set features such as type size, kerning, leading, as well as use all Story and all Character panel options not covered in the other typography features.
Composition Allows to to set preferences that influence composition: advanced type, character settings, grids, and text wrap.

Track Changes

Access right name Description
Force Track Changes When enabled, the Track Changes functionality will be turned on when the article is opened; it cannot be turned off by the user. When disabled, the state when the article was checked-in is used.
Turn On/Off Track Changes When enabled, all Track Changes features can be used. When disabled, none of the features can be used, with the exception of navigating between changes and viewing/hiding the Track Changes.


Access right name Description
Change Language/Dictionary to change to a different language or dictionary.
Edit Dictionary Allows to edit the dictionary: make changes to spelling, hyphenation, adding words, and so on.


Access right name Description
Apply Swatches Allows to apply swatches from the Swatches panel.
Edit Swatches Allows to create, duplicate, delete and edit swatches.


Access right name Description
Allow Multiple Article Placements Allows to place articles multiple times or to use the Smart Jump feature.
Change Edition Allows to change Editions in a workflow dialog box such as the Check-in dialog box.
Edit Sticky Notes Allows to edit Sticky Notes.
Create Dossiers Allows to create Dossiers.
Create Article from Layer Allows to create a new article containing all text frames of an active layer.
Create Article from Document Allows to create a new article containing all text frames in the document.
Abort Checkout

Allows to unlock a checked-out file that cannot be checked-in.

Examples: Typical scenarios are:

  • A file that is required for processing is checked-out by a user who cannot be contacted to check-in the file.
  • A checked-out file cannot be recovered after an InDesign or InCopy crash.

When the Access Right is enabled:

  • Users can right-click a file and choose Abort Checkout.

When the Access Right is disabled:

  • The ‘Abort Checkout’ command is removed from the context menu of a file.


  • For files that are checked-out by another user: any changes that the user has made but has not yet saved to Enterprise are lost.
  • This Access Right does not apply to abort checking-out opened files such as by choosing Smart Connection > Abort Checkout in InDesign or InCopy.
Change Restricted Properties Allows to change metadata properties that have been defined as “restricted”.
Change Brand/Issue/Category Allows to change the Brand, Issue, or Category to which a file belongs using any of the workflow dialog boxes such as the Properties dialog box.


Access right name Description
Edit Tags and Element Labels Allows to to edit tags and Element labels in the Element Labels preferences.
Modify Keyboard Shortcuts

Allows to create and modify keyboard shortcuts.

Advanced Elements Panel

Allows to use the advanced features of the Elements panel:

  • Dragging components between panes
  • Drag & drop components inside the panel
  • Checking-in or checking-out all articles
  • Creating new articles from unassigned components


Access right name Description
Create and Reply to Sticky Notes Allows to create Sticky Notes and reply to them.
View Sticky Notes Allows to view Sticky Notes.
Delete Sticky Notes Allows to delete Sticky Notes.

Reference Materials

Smart Connection documentation

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