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Compatibility of Content Station with Enterprise Agent

Compatibility of Content Station 9 with Enterprise Agent

This article lists the compatibility of Content Station 9 with Enterprise Agent (an application that runs in the background, used for receiving broadcast and multicast messages from Enterprise Server as well as for opening files in external applications.).


  • Since Content Station 9.7.0, Enterprise Agent is embedded in the application and does not have to be installed and run separately.
  • Enterprise Agent is not used for Content Station 10 or Content Station Aurora.
Enterprise Agent version
Content Station version build 91 7.0.0 build 34
9.x - Yes
10.x n/a n/a
11.x (Aurora) n/a n/a

Legend: Yes = combination is supported. - = combination of old and new software versions is not supported.

Document history

  • 14 December 2017: Added information relating to Content Station Aurora.
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