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Using the Track Changes feature of Content Station 9


Comparing InCopy articles using Adobe Track Changes in Content Station 9

Comparing InCopy articles using the Adobe Track Changes functionality is one of various ways of comparing articles in Content Station.

It allows you to track the changes that have been made to the content of an article and to accept or reject these changes. Information about who made the changes and when is readily available.

Note: The functionality closely resembles that of the Track Changes functionality in InCopy. For more information, see Adobe Help: InCopy / Tracking and reviewing changes.

Enabling or disabling Track Changes

Choose Changes > Track Changes in Current Article.

Note: Enabling/disabling Track Changes applies to the full article; it cannot be set per article component.

Viewing or hiding Track Changes

Any changes that have been made in the article are shown on a colored background, using the color that is set in the User Account for the user who made the change.

To view or hide these visual indicators, choose View > Track Changes.

Note: Switching between hiding and showing Track Changes erases the undo history.

Track Changes are highlighted in color

Working with Track Changes

Use the commands in the Changes menu to:

  • Accept or reject the currently selected change or to accept/reject all changes
  • To move to the next or previous change

Tip: Assign keyboard shortcuts to these commands for a more efficient workflow.

About Track Changes and user access rights

The system administrator can control the way you can and cannot use the Track Changes functionality by setting the appropriate access rights.

  • Track Changes can be forced. This means that when an article is opened, the Track Changes functionality is automatically enabled and cannot be disabled.
  • Track Changes can be disabled. This means that none of the commands in the Changes menu are available (grayed-out). The only options that can be used are those to view or hide the Track Changes and those to navigate between the Track Changes.

Check with you system administrator how these Access Rights are set in your workflow environment.

Note for system administrators: This can be controlled through the Track Changes Access Rights.

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