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Publishing to WordPress with Content Station 9

Publishing to WordPress with Content Station 9

Info: This feature requires Content Station version 9.2 or higher and Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher.

Publishing a post to WordPress is done in Content Station and starts by creating a Dossier. This Dossier will hold the text and/or images that you are going to post and contains the tools for publishing them to WordPress.

This article describes how to use the tools in the Dossier for publishing a post to WordPress.

View the following video for a summary or read the rest of this article for a description of each step:

Step 1. (Optional, only when you are allowed to publish to WordPress) Log in to Content Station by using a user account that has the same name as the name that should appear as the author for the post on WordPress.

Step 2. Open the Dossier that represents your story or create a new Dossier.

Step 3. In the Channel pane, choose the WordPress Publication Channel to which you want to publish the story.

The WordPress Publication Channel selected in the Channel pane

Figure: The WordPress Publication Channel selected in the Channel pane.

Note: In case WordPress is not listed, add it first.

The Publish Form appears. It guides you through the process of adding all the information and content that is needed to publish the story to WordPress.

Figure: The Dossier with the WordPress Publish Form loaded, ready to be filled out.

Step 4. Fill out the form from top to bottom with all the information and content that you have available.

Tip: Periodically save your work by clicking Save. This will store a version of the Publish Form and all its content (except metadata such as the title) to Enterprise.

Note: Various ways of using article components exist: you can create a new component, use an existing one or make a copy of an existing one. For more details, see Using article components in a Publish Form in Content Station 9.

Step 5. Click Publish to publish the post to WordPress.


Why does my name not appear as the author of the post?

This can happen under the following circumstances:

  • The name that you used for logging in to Content Station is not mapped to a name on WordPress
  • Your user account on WordPress does not allow you to publish to the Web site

In such cases, a default name is used instead. When in doubt, contact your system administrator.

For more information, see Using WordPress user names as the author when publishing from Enterprise.

When including images in my post, the process of publishing the post fails

This is most likely to do with insufficient permissions on folders in WordPress. For more information, see Unable to upload images when publishing to WordPress.

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