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Content Station 9 minor upgrade


Content Station 9 minor upgrade

A minor upgrade of Content Station is an upgrade of an existing Content Station 9 installation to a new version of Content Station 9, for instance upgrading Content Station version 9.4.0 to version 9.8.8.

Note: Make sure to read the Release Notes of all versions for any important installation or configuration details.

1. Installing Content Station Web

The minor upgrade of a Content Station Web installation consists of upgrading the Content Station Web components in Enterprise Server.

Note: You might want to make this process part of installing a minor upgrade for Enterprise Server itself. (See Enterprise Server 9 minor upgrade) The rest of this article describes a scenario where the upgrade is installed as a separate step.

Step 1. Install Content Station Web.

Step 2. Test Content Station Web by entering the new URL in a Web browser:

http://<Server URL>/contentstation

Example: http://localhost/contentstation

Step 3. Make the upgraded Content Station Web installation live by doing one of the following:

  • Replace the full folder content of the old (current production) contentstation folder with the full folder content of the upgraded contentstation folder.
  • Remove the old (current production) contentstation folder and rename the new contentstation folder so that it matches the name of the old (current production) contentstation folder.
  • Keep the newly created folder and provide all users with the new URL. Once the new Content Station Web version is taken into production, you might want to remove the old contentstation folder.

2. Installing Content Station AIR

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