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Adding Dossier templates to the Home page of Content Station 9

Adding Dossier templates to the Home page of Content Station 9

Dossier templates can be added as an application to the Application pane on the Home page of Content Station.

Tip: Using templates is a good way of making sure that the correct settings are used for that Dossier and prevents having to set these each time a Dossier needs to be created. Adding Dossier templates to the Home page makes them readily available and saves time searching for them.

See the steps explained in the following video or continue reading the article:

Controlling which templates should appear

Defining which templates should appear is configured on the Maintenance page of a Brand to which the Dossiers belong, and controlled on user group level. This means that the Dossier templates will only appear in the Applications pane for those users who have access to the Brand and who are a member of the specified groups.

Configuration steps

Step 1. Create the Dossier templates in the system by using the Planning Application in Content Station. See Working with Dossiers in Content Station 9.

Step 2. Define the Dossier templates on the Brand Maintenance page in Enterprise Server. See Adding Dossier Templates.

Step 3. Make sure that the Enterprise Server plug-in named Content Station List Dossiers is enabled in Enterprise Server. See Enterprise Server plug-ins.

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