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Defining which default text editor to use in Content Station 9

Defining which default text editor to use in Content Station 9

Available text editors

Content Station 9 comes with the following text editors:

  • Multi-Channel Text Editor. This is the default editor and is used for creating and editing InCopy articles.
  • HTML Text Editor. This editor can be used for creating and editing articles in HTML format.
  • Plain-text Editor. This editor is used for editing files in .txt format. It cannot be used for creating articles in .txt format.

In addition, Content Station can also be configured so that existing InCopy articles are opened in InCopy (although creating new articles is then still done by using the Multi-Channel Text Editor).

Using the Plain-text Editor

When editing plain-text articles (files in .txt format), the Plain-text Editor is always used in Content Station; it is not possible to disable it or to use another editor for editing these types of files.

Using the Multi-Channel Text Editor or the HTML Editor

By default, the Multi-Channel Text Editor is used in Content Station for editing articles.

Optionally, the HTML Text Editor can be used instead. This is controlled through the following option in Enterprise Server:

  • File: configserver.php file
  • Name of option: ContentStationUseWWEAEditor
  • Location: SERVERFEATURES list
  • Example:

new Feature( 'ContentStationUseWWEAEditor' ),

Using InCopy

To use InCopy as the default editor for InCopy articles, define InCopy as the application to use for opening .wcml files. For more information, see Configuring the opening of files outside of Content Station 9.

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