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Controlling Content Station 9 Web

Controlling Content Station 9 Web

Content Station Web can be controlled through a Javascript API named "csportalapi.js".

This makes it possible for instance to directly open e-mail attachments or to integrate Content Station Web in a portal.

The API supports the following commands:

  • Log in
  • Log in with ticket
  • Log off
  • Open object
  • Compare articles
  • Compare article versions

The index.html file within the api folder of Content Station Web uses the csportalapi.js file and can be used to open an object using a URL.

Example: http://host/enterprise/contentstation/api/index.html?action=open&objectid=10

In this example, Content Station Web will be loaded and the user will be shown the log-in screen. When the log-in is successful, Content Station Web will open the object with ID ‘10’.

It is also possible to auto-login using the URL by including a user name and a ticket or password in the URL.

Example: http://host/enterprise/contentstation/api/index.html?username=john&ticket=123&action=open&objectid=10

For more information about the commands and URL parameters, see the csportalapi.js and api-examples.html in the api folder of Content Station Web.

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