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Adding separators to the Sign In list of Content Station 9

Adding separators to the Sign In list of Content Station 9

To access the files in Enterprise Server using Content Station, you need to log in to an instance of Enterprise Server. This is done by choosing a Server from the Server list in the Sign In window.

When this list becomes very long, it may be difficult to find the Server that you want to log in to. To increase the readability of the list, separators can be added.

Separators in the Server list of the Sign In window

Figure: A list of Servers, divided by separators (A).

Tip: Group together Servers of the same type (such as various production servers, test servers and so on), and divide them by placing separators between each group.

The separators are added as a dummy Enterprise Server of which the name is used as the separator by using characters such as '=', '-', '_', and so on.

The following syntax is used:

<SCEnt:ServerInfo name="name" url=”http://separator"/>

  • name is the character for the separator as it will appear in the list
  • url is a dummy URL


<SCEnt:ServerInfo name="--------" url="http://separator"/>

<SCEnt:ServerInfo name="---TEST SERVERS---" url="http://separator"/>

Create the separators by adding them to the list of Enterprise Servers.

Note: This list is used by all applications that can log in to Enterprise. Apart from Content Station, this also includes Smart Connection and Smart Browser.

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