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Working with tables in InCopy articles in Content Station 9

Working with tables in InCopy articles in Content Station 9

Support for working with tables in InCopy articles in Content Station is limited to editing the value of a cell only. It should therefore be seen as a basic tool for quickly making final adjustments.

This means that the following features are not supported:

  • Creating a new table
  • Adding, removing or reordering columns or rows
  • Adjusting the column width or row height
  • Adding or editing formulas
  • Merging cells

Tip: Use InDesign or InCopy for creating or editing tables, or optionally create a complex table in Excel and place that on a layout.

Accessing a table

A table is represented by the following icon: The table icon.

Example of tables in an article

Figure: An article containing 2 tables.

To access the content of the table, click its icon.

The content of the table is now brought into view, while the content of the article itself moved out of view.

The content of the table displayed.

Figure: The content of the table displayed.

Keeping track of where you are

When viewing the table content, the title bar shows you your position in the following format:

article name > table reference > nested table reference

Your current position is indicated in blue text.

In the above example, the first table in the 'body' component is opened. The table is part of an article named '2013 ICF Freestyle World Championship Results'.

2013 ICF Freestyle World Championship Results > body, Table 1

When clicking the nested table, your position is as follows:

2013 ICF Freestyle World Championship Results > body, Table 1 > Cell 5/1 Table 1

The reference 'Cell 5/1' refers to the location of where in the parent table the nested table is placed: in this case in row 5, column 1.

A nested table opened

Figure: A nested table opened.


  • To return to the main article or the table in which the nested table is placed, click its reference in the title bar.

Example: Clicking '2013 ICF Freestyle World Championship Results' in the above example will bring you back to the content of the article itself.

  • Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys on the keyboard to move forward, back, up or down between cells
  • Use the Tab key to move to the next cell
  • Use Shift+Tab to move to the previous cell

Note for Content Station Web users using Internet Explorer: The Shift+Tab function may not work properly on tables in Internet Explorer. When the first table cell of the first row is selected and Shift+Tab is used the tab bar of Internet Explorer is made active while the text cursor is still set in the first table cell.

Undoing changes

To undo changes made to the content of a cell, do one of the following:

  • Press Escape (only applies to changes made to the currently selected cell).
  • Choose Edit > Undo
  • Press Cmd+Z (Mac OS X) or Ctrl+Z (Windows)

Copying and pasting tables

Tables can be copied and pasted within the same article but not between articles.

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