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Unlocking locked articles in Content Station 9

Unlocking locked articles in Content Station 9

When an article is opened for editing it is 'checked-out', and thereby locked for other users to also work on it. When checking-in the article this lock is removed, thereby allowing another user to open it for editing.

When Content Station crashes or when a network error occurs while working on an article, the article remains locked.

To unlock the article, do one of the following:

  • For all users:
  • Right-click the file and choose Abort Checkout
  • Select the file and choose File > Abort Checkout

Note: To unlock articles that have been checked-out by another user, you need to have Admin rights.

  • When you are the user who worked on the file:
  • Log in with Content Station version 9.5.0 or higher. The file is then automatically unlocked. You are also given the option to open the articles for editing again.
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