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Controlling the way text is sized when working on articles in Content Station 9

Controlling the way text is sized when working on articles in Content Station 9

When working with articles in Content Station — for example by editing them in the Multi-Channel Text Editor or by comparing articles in the Publication Channel Overview — you can increase or decrease the size of the text to your needs.

Note: This only affects the way the text is displayed in the editor, not the way it is published.

The way to change the text size depends on how the View > Visual Mode is set:

  • When enabled, the text size is changed by using the zoom slider in the editor or by using keyboard shortcuts
  • When disabled, the text size is changed in the Content Station preferences

Using the zoom slider in the editor or keyboard shortcuts

The zoom slider is available in the status bar of the Multi-Channel Text Editor when the View > Visual Mode option is enabled.

The zoom slider

Figure: The Zoom slider (A) — here shown extended — in the status bar at the bottom of the editor.

To zoom in or out, do one of the following:

  • Click the Zoom icon to display the slider.

Note: Using this method, zooming is done in increments of 5%.

  • Press one of the following keyboard combinations:
  • To zoom in: Cmd + = (Mac OS) or Ctrl + = (Windows)
  • To zoom out: Cmd + - (Mac OS) or Ctrl + - (Windows)

Note: Using this method, zooming is done in the following steps: 25% <-> 50% <-> 75% <-> 100% <-> 150% <-> 200% <-> 300% <-> 400% <-> and 500%.

Using the Content Station preferences

When the View > Visual Mode option is disabled, changing the size of the text in the editor or the Publication Channel Overview is done through the Content Station preferences.

See this setting demonstrated in this short video:

Step 1. Access the Content Station Preferences.

Tip: When making the changes, show an article in the background so that you can preview the final result.

The Content Station preferences

Step 2. Set the Editor Font Size and the Editor Line Height as needed.

Step 3. Click Close.

Visual Mode font size restrictions

When viewing an article in Visual Mode in the Multi-Channel Text Editor, one other feature affects the way that text is displayed but it is one over which you as a Content Station user have no control.

By default, Content Station restricts the minimum and maximum size in which fonts are displayed in Visual Mode:

  • Minimum size = 10pt
  • Maximum size = 32pt

This means that:

  • Any font that is smaller than 10pt will be displayed in a size of 10pt
  • Any font that is larger than 32pt will be displayed in a size of 32pt

This way, the following practical issues are avoided:

  • Text in a very large font size may increase the height of an article component in such a way that the article components that follow it are pushed out of view
  • Text in a very small font size may become difficult or impossible to read
Showing an article with the default Content Station font settings. Showing an article with restricted Content Station font settings.

Figure: On the left: an article is shown using unrestricted font size settings. Note the large font size of the header and the small font size of the other components, especially the body text. On the right: the same article shown with a minimum font size set to make the body text better readable, and a maximum font size set to limit the amount of space that the header takes up. Even with these adjusted font settings, the user will still get a good impression of how the article will look when published.

Your system administrator can set this minimum and maximum font size, or remove all font size restrictions.

Note: When in doubt about how the text is displayed, check with your system administrator.

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