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Article preview not shown in Content Station (error S1118)

Article preview not shown in Content Station (error S1118)

After opening an article in the Multi-Channel Text Editor of Content Station, the preview of the article is not shown. After manually refreshing the preview, the issue is resolved.

When Server logging is enabled, the following error is logged:

An error in InDesign Server occurred. (S1118)

Could not find compose data file ".../composedata.xml"

This issue arises when the following system configuration is used:

  • Enterprise Server running on Linux
  • InDesign Server running on Windows or Mac OS X
  • The Multi-Channel Text Editor work folder mounted through NFS (as specified through the WEBEDITDIR / WEBEDITDIRIDSERV options in configserver.php).

The setup is regardless of Enterprise / InDesign versions.


Use one of the following solutions:

  • When the NFS has Asynchronous exporting enabled, change this to Synchronous exporting.
  • On the InDesign Server clients, add the sync option to the appropriate mount.
  • On Enterprise Server (on Linux) add the 'noac' and 'lookupcache=none' options.
  • In Enterprise Server, remove the job that InDesign Server is currently processing:
  • On the InDesign Server Jobs maintenance page, verify the job ID under "Current Job" at the top of the page, and remove that job by using the Delete icon on the lower half of the page.
  • Make sure that you have full Administrator access rights to the WEBEDITDIR folder.
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