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Adding article components to an InCopy article in Content Station 9

Adding article components to an InCopy article in Content Station 9

When an InCopy article is created, it will initially contain a default set of article components.

Example: When creating a new article for use in a print publication, it may contain the components 'head', 'intro' and 'body'.

If needed, more components can be added.

Step 1. Do one of the following:

Step 2. Click the Components button in the toolbar and choose the component that you want to add.

The Article Components list

Step 3. Repeat this process until all needed components are added.

Note: Components that can be added multiple times will stay available in the list, while components that can only be used once are removed from the list.

Example: The 'head', 'intro' and 'body' components typically may only occur once in an article and will be removed from the list as soon as they are added to the article. Components such as 'graphic' and 'caption' are typically used multiple times and will therefore remain in the list.

Note for system administrators: Configuring which components are allowed to be used multiple times and which components are allowed only once is done in the componentDefs.xml file.


Why is the Components list not available (icon grayed out)?

This is the case when:

  • The article is placed on a layout and you are using Content Station version 9.2 or lower. Adding the article component is then done by using Smart Connection for InDesign.

Note: Adding article components to a placed article in Content Station requires Content Station 9.3 or higher.

  • The article is published. Adding an article component can only be done when the article is unpublished.
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