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The Publish Manager Application in Content Station 9

The Publish Manager Application in Content Station 9

Info: This feature is only available in Content Station 9 - Pro Edition.

The Publish Manager is aimed at editors and managers and who need to:

  • See an overview of which stories have been published, which have been updated, and so on.
  • Manage stories by publishing or unpublishing them, changing their properties, routing them to other users, and more.

Figure: The Publish Manager. In this example, it has been filtered to show only the stories with status "New" (stories that have not yet been published).

How to access the Publish Manager

  • On the Home page, double-click Publish Manager in the Applications pane
  • In the main menu, click Tabs > Publish Manager

Stories are Publish Forms

In Enterprise, stories are represented by Publish Forms. Therefore, the files that appear in the Publish Manager are all files of type "Publish Form".

Filtering stories by status

Locating the files to work on is done by choosing a status such as 'Ready to be published', ' New', 'Updated' and so on.

The 'Ready to be published' and 'New' status are very similar and might cause some confusion at first:

  • Ready to be published. Shows the following stories:
  • Stories that are not published and which are assigned to a Workflow status for which the option Ready to be published is enabled.
  • Stories which are published but which have since been updated.
  • New. For showing all stories which are not published.

When a story is unpublished, you might expect to find it in the list of 'Ready to be published' stories whereas it could actually be in the list of 'New' stories, depending on the Workflow status that is assigned to the file.

See this demonstrated in this video:


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