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Exporting an Inception Story to Enterprise

Exporting an Inception Story to Enterprise

Stories that are created in Inception can be made part of the WoodWing Enterprise workflow by exporting them from Inception to Enterprise. During this process, a Dossier is created containing the Story in InCopy format and all images that were used in the Story.

Note: For this process to work, installation and configuration steps are required. It is assumed here that these have been successfully completed.

Step 1. Access the publish options for the Story or Stories that you want to publish.

The Publish Options window

Step 2. Enter the details and click Log In:

  • Choose a Target: choose the Enterprise Server to which you want to export the Story.
  • Username and password: enter the credentials to access the chosen Enterprise Server.

The Story is published to Enterprise.

Publishing the Story

When the process is completed, a confirmation message appears.

Step 3. Click OK to dismiss the message.

The Story in Content Station

Figure: An Inception Story exported to Enterprise as a Dossier.

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