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Inception update - 26 May 2015

Dear Inception user,
Today we have updated Inception and added the following features:
  • Added a separator component
  • Added a quote component
  • Added a container component which can be used to group other components and create for example a side story. 
    • The container component has some usability issues which will be resolved in a future release, for now you have to drag&drop components into the container. 
  • Support for multiple custom styles
  • Upload a story to Adobe Publish
    • Please create a dedicated Adobe Publish user and send this user and the password to inceptionbeta@woodwing.com. The user must have the Add&Edit, Delete Content and View Content user roles. We will setup your account. 
Important: Please use the latest version of the style template, see "Customizing the look and feel of an Inception Story"
We are currently working on the following new features:
  • Slide show component which will be based on the jssor slider. Jssor is a touch swipe (touch+drag+move) & Responsive image slider carousel with over 360 slideshow effects, for more information see jssor.com
  • Prototype to export a layout to Inception from InDesign. 
Known issues:
  • Scroll and rendering issues on iPad when editing a story
  • Exporting to an unsecure (none https) Enterprise server
  • Removing a component with backspace is not always working
  • None fixed background for header component is not working on ios devices
If you have any questions please use the Inception forum or contact Tom Pijsel (tpi@woodwing.com)
Best regards,
The Inception Team
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