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Unable to activate Smart Styles on Windows Vista or Windows 7

When trying to activate the Smart Styles plug-ins on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may find that the process fails.

When this happens, run InDesign or InCopy as an administrator.

Step 1. Navigate to the folder in which InCopy or InDesign is installed.

Step 2. Right-click the InCopy.exe of InDesign.exe file and choose Properties from the context menu.

The Properties dialog box will appear.

Step 3. In the Compatibility tab, select the checkbox Run this program as an administrator.

Figure: The 'Run this program as an administrator' option in the InDesign Properties dialog box.

Step 4. Click OK.

Step 5. Activate Smart Styles once more.

Step 6. After the activation process is completed, clear the check box Run this program as an administrator.

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    Erik Korver

    This article also applies to Windows 8 and 10

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