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Action - print contact sheet

Elvis 5 bundled plug-in - Print contact sheet

The print contact sheet takes a selection of images from the desktop client and opens them in a printable view in your default browser. There are several views available, from one image with a lot of metadata to twelve images on a sheet with only the filename, see the screenshots below.

Note: This sample plug-in is available on Github and is supported for production use

The contact sheet

Configuration options

There are variables available to change the metadata displayed in the various views, to make the sample display options easily configurable with some HTML and JavaScript knowledge. Modify the following code in index.html:

 * Metadata fields to display
var metadataSetsToDisplay = {
    onePerPage: ["filename", "description", "tags", "rating", "title", "subject", "assetCreated", "byline", "creator", "copyright"],
    twoPerPage: ["filename", "rating", "title", "assetCreated"],
    sixPerPage: ["filename", "rating"], 
    twelvePerPage: ["filename"] 

To change the default view from 'two per page', adjust the following

 * Default hits on page
 * Possible values: 1, 2, 6 or 12
var defaultHitsOnPage = 2;
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