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Bundled plugins

Elvis 5 bundled plug-ins

There are several plug-ins bundled with Elvis. This article described them briefly, including links to detailed information for each plug-in. All bundled plug-ins can be found in the samples folder: <config>/plugins/samples

Please read plug-ins introduction - management on how to activate and configure these samples.

Note: Do not make modifications to the samples folder, it will be deleted and re-created every time you upgrade to a new server version. This also means you should not put any of your own plug-ins in here as they may get deleted. If you want to modify the sample plug-ins, copy them to the disabled or active folder first.

Tip: All plug-ins are open source under the MIT license. This makes it possible to make modifications and customize them to your own needs.

API Samples

Download portal

A download portal to distribute material. Can be used as is, or can be connected to a content delivery service like Akamai or Amazon CloudFront to provide fast downloads all across the globe.

Upload portal - DAM tube

Allows people to upload videos and photos. The welcome page shows the latest uploaded and highest rated material.

The Upload portal

Approval tool - collection viewer

A lightweight interface to allow the people in an editorial meeting to view collections of material on for example their iPad and decide what to use in the next edition.

Web CMS Integration

Insert media into your web CMS directly from Elvis. The plug-in is based on TinyMCE, a WYSIWYG editor used by a lot of CMS's. Used in the Wordpress integration.

Web CMS integration

Syndication site - DAM photo

Image and video oriented distribution or 'stock photo' site. Allows searching, filtering, previewing and buying material.

Live feed

For use on wall-mounted plasma's in publishing environments to show new material that is being received or to display what is being worked on at the moment.

Action plug-ins

Elvis stats

Elvis stats

Shows you detailed reports on your content, including information on repository growth, usage over time and user actions.



Shows your selected search results on Google Maps and allows you to add or modify geolocation by dragging and dropping thumbnails on the map.

Print contact sheet

Contact sheet

Opens a browser window and displays the selected images in a printable view. Allowing the user to modify the number of images per page.

Search in external Web sites

Simple set of plug-ins to search external sources, in three different flavors: Flickr, getty and iStockphoto.

Search other Elvis server

Search other Elvis server

Search or browse a separate Elvis server, for example at a remote office. Displays thumbnails and previews and filtering is supported via facets.

Photo usage report

Photo usage report

Reports the photo usage per issue, based on the relation between InDesign documents and placed images.

Debug plug-ins

Debug plug-ins

A set of plug-ins to support testing and developing action plug-ins.

Schedule plug-ins

File cleanup

Cleans up files that shouldn't reside in Elvis, it removes assets that matches a given search query.

Hotfolder based file import

Hotfolder based import, it checks for new files in the configured folder, imports them into Elvis and then deletes the files from the folder.

Import from an FTP server

Downloads and imports files from an FTP server. It checks for new files on the FTP server, imports them into Elvis and optionally deletes the files from the FTP server when the download is finished.

Import metadata from spreadsheet file

Merges metadata from spreadsheet files with assets already imported on the server.

Move files and folders

Move assets to another location inside Elvis using a query.

RSS file import

Import assets from RSS based (wire) feeds. Can be used to import photo's from, for example, an image agency.

Enterprise 6 - 8 import

Imports layouts or dossiers including related images, articles and page PDF's from Enterprise 6 - 8 to Elvis.

Imports layouts including related images, articles and page PDF's from WoodWing Enterprise 4 & 5 to Elvis.

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