Cleaning up assets with the same ID in Elvis 5



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    Siebrand Mazeland

    What's the background of this feature not supporting S3?

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    Siebrand Mazeland

    It is not easily possible to call this URL from a browser, because it has to be POSTed. How to start this tool from a commandline using cURL?

    curl -XPOST -d "dryRun=true" -d "rescueDuplicates=false" -d "authcred=xxxxxx" http://localhost/services/system/asset/cleanup

    xxxxxx in authcred is a BASE64 of "username:password" (username and password separated by colon. You can do this online if you like at

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    Oleksiy Cherkasov

    Hello Siebrand,

    S3 support will be added in next 5.27.12 release

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