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Mapping between Digital article components in Content Station Aurora and PSV classes


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  • Roberto Ramírez

    you can add a new digital component?

  • Maarten Fremouw

    Hi Roberto,

    Great question, currently you cannot add new digital components. However we are working on a feature (custom components) which makes this possible. Expected is that this will be available in the upcoming months. Please have a look here to see what features are coming up and in progress.



  • Tim Strehle

    Hi, the PRISM Source Vocabulary seems to be a good choice for a document exchange format.

    However, the example PSV file is not valid according to the PSV 1.0 (psv.xsd) XML schema file.

    It seems like “psv:uniqueid” should be “psv:uniqueID” instead, and “psv:idblk” should be “psv:IDBlk”.

    Is that just a typo in the documentation, or does Content Station actually use the lowercase tag names?

    Thanks, Tim

  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for reporting this, it seems that the code references in the article are incorrect.

    The tags are correctly capitalised in an exported file, so please use that as a reference while we work on updating the documentation.

    Best regards,

    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software

  • Tim Strehle

    Hi Maarten, thanks for the quick reply – good to know that the actual exports are correct!

  • Jan Kampling

    Hi Maarten,

    could you explain why you recommend PSV for publishing a Story in Content Station Aurora to a custom Publish Channel over JSON Digital Article Format?



  • Tom Pijsel

    Hi Jan,

    The advantage of PSV is the fact that it is an industry standard, whereas the JSON digital format is a proprietary file format. There is no technical advantage of choosing PSV over the JSON file format the same data is available in both formats. Depending on the programming language used the parsing of JSON could be easier than the parsing XML. 

    Best regards

    Tom Pijsel
    Product Manager


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