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Creating a Story for publishing to Apple News using Content Station Aurora

Creating a Story for publishing to Apple News using Content Station Aurora

Creating a Story in Content Station for publishing to Apple News is no different than creating any other Story.

However, a few differences and requirements exist.

How components are used on Apple News

The following overview shows for each component if it can be used on Apple News and if so, how.

Important: A Story should contain at least one Hero component, else the Story will not be published.

Styling the Story

Because Apple News uses a proprietary format which has no knowledge of the Story components used in Content Station, styling that is applied to the Story components by making use of Style Variants or Styles has no effect on how the story looks on Apple News.

Only styling that is directly applied to text (by selecting text and using the toolbar that appears, with the exception of increasing/decreasing the font size or changing the font), or by setting properties (such as setting a drop cap) is transferred to the story in Apple News.

As an alternative to using Style Variants or Styles, the Story can be styled in the following ways:

Note: This only works when no additional files that define the styling have been uploaded to Content Station, see the next bullet.

Adding parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling can be added to each component in the Story. When enabled, it makes the component move at a different speed than the scroll speed of the Story itself, thereby creating an illusion of depth.

The pace at which the component moves can also be defined.

Enabling parallax scrolling and setting the pace can be done in the Apple News settings of the Properties panel for a component.

The Parallel scrolling options

Figure: The Parallax scrolling options in the Apple News settings.

Note: To preview the parallax scrolling effect, publish the Story to Apple News and view it on a device.

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